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Safety and Liveability for the Hard of Hearing and the Deaf

> More than 2 million Canadians have some degree of hearing loss, and approximately 10% of these are completely deaf. The incidence of hearing impairment increases with age.



- Provide strobe lights within suites to alert occupants for fire. Connect flashing lights or vibrating pager to telephone and doorbell.


- Provide strobe lights to alert to fire in public spaces, especially those with excessive noise or where a person may be alone (for example in a washroom).


- Provide hookup connecting bed or pillow vibrator to smoke detectors/ alarms/ doorbell/telephone (in order to awaken sleeping people)


- Use surfaces that absorb background noise that could overwhelm hearing devices, such as carpet, or plush or rough fabrics


- Install text telephone (TTY) at reception lobby


- FM or infrared PA systems can be installed in meeting rooms. A technology known at as a "hearing loop" works with digital hearing devices to amplify announcements in public spaces such as theatres.


- Install LED-type information boards, or conversely LCD with large highly contrasting type and simple backgrounds


- Close-caption training videos (a subsidy may be available from the National Captioning Institute)

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