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It’s a great moment when you decide to build a new building, or engage in a major renovation. It is fun to plan, but when you hire a professional team to design your new building, you need to think about how your new building will perform off into the future. The construction of an inefficient building is a promise that you can expect to divert an ever-increasing share of your budget to building expenses, and may seriously compromise your comfort.


Getting it right isn’t easy, but take a long-term view and make the right choices. You need to consider the production, transportation and energy costs (embodied energy as well as future energy use), as well as the impact on nature and human society of different construction strategies. Design to significantly reduce energy and water consumption through improved construction standards, conservation, and onsite energy production. Design to resist obsolescence, consider strategies that will make future retrofits easier. Design for durability. Since buildings are almost always one-of-a-kind, there is no perfect answer. But we can help you get close to your best solution.



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