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Allen & Lea, Inc. Architecture Design is owned by Ellen Vera Allen and Chris Lea. The firm was originally incorporated as Allen Ensslen Barrett Architects, Inc. in 1992, renamed Allen + Barrett Architects, Inc. after Harald Ensslen joined with Macdonald Zuberec in St. Catharines in 1997, then was renewed and renamed to Allen & Lea, Inc. in 2013. Ellen and Chris have collaborated for more than 16 years, on dozens of projects, from small renovations to large apartment buildings, since first working together in 1979.


Allen & Lea can offer the full range of architectural services required for small to medium sized projects. Allen & Lea, Inc. holds a Certificate of Practise issued by the the Ontario Association of Architects. We are really keen on being mindful of our ecological footprint. We are also very keen on making sure spaces are accessible to people with varied abilities.

Ellen served as Juror on behalf of the Canadian Co-operatives Association, for a housing competition in Bangkok, Thailand, 1995.

seen here with Phillipina architect Anna Maria Gonzales and the Canadian Consul.


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Chris was Leader of the Green Party of Canada for much of the 1990s. For the last decade or so he has been involved in community opera. To find out more about Chris, click here or here.


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Chris is a Member of the Canadian Passive House Institute

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