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Now Available!

Now available in the App Stores, for most phones, iPod Touch, and Android tablets, a new app about Toronto architecture and design by A&L partner Chris Lea: MASTER 6ix.

MASTER 6ix will help you get to know what's out there, show you where it's at, mostly within about 200 km (120 miles) of downtown Toronto. This area includes many smaller cities, Hamilton, London, the pleasures of Muskoka, the Kawarthas, the vineyards of Prince Edward County and Niagara, spectacular waterfalls, natural places, even Buffalo, New York. In this region you can find most every known architectural style, with many pieces created by renowned architects.
MASTER 6ix tells you a bit about the various architectural styles that you can see, that might help you read some of the stories that buildings can tell, picks out the best examples to check out, with pictures and other resources to help you plan your visit. Also included are a few examples of buildings of the various styles in other places, to illustrate the styles.


There are many hundreds of places that you might find interesting, in more than 60 categories, including First Nations, Black, Asian, Royal, Military and Queer sites, many wonderful natural and historical places, places you might want to walk around, a huge selection of sculpted Critters that you can show your kid.
MASTER 6ix also includes some sources that people in the design trade use, should you be looking for a nicer selection of products to choose from than at your local big box. There is also a few hints on where to get food, sometimes in a beautiful space.
MASTER 6ix will tell you about some of the people who created the built environment and public artworks here, and it shows you some of the things they created in other places, so you can see what they can (could) do, and, should you find yourself on a vacation or business trip there, go visit.


Within MASTER 6ix are many resources to help you find your way around, either using some sort of private vehicle or as a passenger on public transport.

MASTER 6ix tells stories about life in Toronto, will help you understand why Toronto is the city that it has come to be, while it directs you how to find places and sculptures that you might like to see.

Whether newly arrived resident (just over half of Torontonians were born in another country, lots of the rest hail from a different province), a tourist or student of architecture, Toronto and the near hinterland around it is a storybook of tales, some tall, some sad, lots of them good. Go explore.

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