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Air Quality

> The prime cost of an unhealthy indoor environment is lost productivity through sickness. A small increase in capital construction costs may be quickly recovered by productivity gains. Cut room size before air quality.



- One thing you don’t want in your indoor breathing environment are gases from plastic components, paints, glues and solvents. Building materials and furniture that offgas are often extremely dangerous in fires. Be mindful of what you are buying


- Source control is best: eliminate as many toxics as possible, using low-VOC paints, glues and furnishings


- Specify materials that are easy to clean without special chemicals


- Understand your building commissioning program (which can eliminate some VOCs before occupancy)


- Give some control of mechanical ventilation to individual occupants


- In moist environments eliminate host materials for moulds


- Consider the case of an occupant with multiple could a typical work or living area be adapted to eliminate pollutants



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