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Considerations for Adaptability and Aging in Place

- If possible use light fixtures which can be fitted with brighter bulbs (this is not possible with certain types of energy efficient lighting).


- Avoid knobs; use lever-type door handles and D-type drawer pulls


- As people age, their ability to keep warm diminishes; install extra heater/ heat control in bathrooms


- Install 16mm plywood backing for grab bar support at any wall location in bathrooms (stud construction). Provide tub with seat and adjustable hand-held shower.


- Provide lockable drawer for medications in addition to standard medicine cabinet


- In kitchen, provide wide, fully suspended, deep drawers and lazy-susans at corners instead of, or within, regular base cabinets. Mount upper cabinets on tracks for adjustability or install adjustable shelves above countertop. Provide work surfaces at different heights.


- Provide knee space under the sink (to use with stool)

Sunrooms provide extra adaptable space for play, office, nursery, dining or guests


- Place light switches lower


- Ensure that a scooter or wheelchair can move freely around in suites. Provide 600mm space adjacent to main entrance doors (the space could be used for a small table)


- Window sills should be lower (750mm); provide rail or window mullion at 1100mm at above-grade locations


- Apartments with equal sized bedrooms allow for sharing by unrelated individuals, if

remote from each other allow for a higher degree of independent living,


- Townhouses with higher ground floors, or split levels allow for larger basement windows providing the option of future finished additional space. Provide secondary service entrance from exterior


- Roofs with slopes of greater than 5/ 12 common framed allow for the possibility of usable attic space


- Accurate control over humidity is very desirable when housing seniors


- Provide extra-large storage rooms with electrical outlet and mechanical ventilation for scooter and electric wheelchair storage/ recharging. If possible, provide a window and electric plugs in the main storage space to allow for use as a nursery or an office


- When designing for seniors, consider a separate soft-water system for water that is used for washing (separate from drinking-water system)


- Choose light colours for walls and other surfaces throughout the suite, and the building


- Ensure that elevator doors remain open a minimum of 3 seconds




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